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Evolution of storytelling formats with The Fifth's, MD, Oliver Lewis

September 09, 2020 Scott Guthrie Episode 2
The Influencer Marketing Lab
Evolution of storytelling formats with The Fifth's, MD, Oliver Lewis
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Episode 2 of the Influencer Marketing Lab - a weekly podcast tracking the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing.

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This week Scott Guthrie is in conversation with Oliver Lewis MD of The Fifth group - a creative and strategic influencer marketing agency and talent agency. 

The Fifth group is owned by and sits within News UK alongside a stable of other media businesses including The Times, Sunday Times, Wireless Radio and the Sun.

The discussion covers:

  • What it's like being owned by a mainstream media titan
  • Whether influencer marketing can ever de-thrown TV as the largest advertising category. [Spoiler alert: yes we think it can]
  • Evolution of storytelling formats
  • Challenges of artificial intelligence
  • Importance of nurturing a positive organisational culture within an agency
  • Industry's pivot from a creative-led strategy to a talent-led strategy

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What does the founder & MD actually do?
Science or luck behind the agency's launch?
Mainstream media's negative point-of-view about influencer marketing
Challenges in the industry
The two gears of influencer marketing
Covid-19 as accelerant of change
Influencer Marketing legitimised as a comms channel
Why brands struggle to enter conversations with their publics authentically
Future trends within the indsutry
False promise of Artificial Intelligence
How influencer marketing can professionalise
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