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Democratizing philanthropy with the help of influencers

October 01, 2020 Scott Guthrie Episode 5
The Influencer Marketing Lab
Democratizing philanthropy with the help of influencers
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Episode 5 of the Influencer Marketing Lab - a weekly podcast tracking the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing.

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This week Scott Guthrie is in conversation with Stephen Ready, co-founder & CEO at Inspired - a new type of cause marketing platform that focuses on the everyday consumer as the ultimate influencer

Our discussion covers:

  • How Inspired is democratizing philanthropy by creating everyday philanthropy
  • Hits and misses of celebrity endorsements
  • The importance of authentic brand/influencer relationships which resonate with the target audience
  • Elevating alpha consumers to become creators
  • How Inspire identifies people with nascent influence, activates their influence and builds it into a repeatable behaviour that can help move the needle on social causes, and help brands build loyalty and trust
  • How brands can surprise and delight the customer a couple of times a day when you make an everyday purchase
  • Why brands should invest in purpose and purchase intelligence

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Democratizing philanthropy
Why brand can no longer 'Be Switzerland'
Day in the life of CEO & co-founder of Inspired
Think ROD not ROI, return on donation
Benefits of celebrity endorsement
Challenges of celebrity endorsement
Yet more applause for the alpha consumer
Using data to marshal the consumer at scale
Future plans for Inspired
Advice to brands wishing to create purpose-led campaigns
How Stephen Ready continues to learn & stay up-to-date with industry changes